Everything You Need To Know About Marwari Wedding Rituals

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Are you wondering what are the wedding rituals of a lavish Marwari wedding? Here you can check everything about grand marwari wedding rituals.

A land of rich culture and glorious history, Rajasthan is a colorful state where each and every occasion is celebrated as a grand festival. The beauty of this culture lies in its vibrant living style and traditional beliefs. The magnificent lifestyle and rich wedding traditions represent the beauty and royalty of a Marwari wedding. Being one of the best wedding photographer in kolkata we have got many chances to explore unique marwari wedding rituals. Their elaborate and traditional wedding is a luxurious affair of several days. So, let’s begin the exclusive guide on marwari culture and tradition related to the wedding.


1. Sagai

Sagai is a Marwari engagement ritual arranged by the groom's side. A kumkum tika is applied on the groom’s forehead and he gets presents like clothes, jewelry, sword, and sweets from the bride's family.

marwari wedding rituals

2. Byaah Haath

In this wedding ritual, the wedding date is finalized by both families. Once the date is finalized a delicious sweet called Mangodi is made by women of the houses while singing mangal geet.

wedding traditions

3. Ganpati Sthapana

Worshiping Lord Ganesha a few days before the wedding is an age-old Indian wedding rituals. In the Marwari wedding, Lord Ganesha is brought home and then a havan is performed at home to seek the blessing of Ganpati deva.

indian wedding rituals

4. Raatri Jaga

This is one of the most important rituals in marwari wedding where both the families perform wedding customs to ward off the evil forces from the house. They create some holy symbols on the walls and floors of the house.

marwari wedding customs

5. Pithi Dastoor

Just like a Haldi ceremony Pithi Dastoor is a vibrant marwari marriage rituals that is celebrated by applying sandalwood and turmeric paste to the bride and groom. To create some wonderful memories of this lively function you must hire a professional kolkata wedding photographer.

traditions of rajasthani wedding

6. Telbaan

Once the Pithi Dastoor is completed both the bride and groom are given a holy bath and then offered to eat Ghungra which is made of jaggery. 

unique marriage traditions

7. Mehndi

Mehndi ceremony is considered an auspicious wedding tradition in the northern part of India. According to the Marwari wedding tradition, both the bride and groom need to apply the beautiful henna design on their hands.

wedding ceremony rituals

8. Mahira Dastoor

According to this unique marriage tradition of the Marwari wedding, the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride and groom bless both of them by offering them jewelry, clothes, and much more. While the mothers of the couple welcome their maternal uncles and aunts by offering them delicious Rajasthani meals.

rituals in marwari wedding

9. Palla Dastoor

In this wedding ritual, the groom’s family brings gifts like jewelry cloths and another bridal trousseau with sweets and fruits. The bride is supposed to wear this bridal trousseau on her wedding day.

marwari marriage rituals

10. Thamb Puja

Thamb puja is performed by the family priest of the groom in the house of the bride. The priest worships the pillars of the house to ensure a stronger relationship between both families.

marwari wedding functions

11. Baarat

Baarat is a very important wedding ceremony rituals in India. At a Marwari wedding, the groom wears a royal sherwani, turban and then climbs on the horse with a royal sword to visit the wedding venue. An entire procession of his family friends and relatives joins the groom and dances together to enjoy the wedding parade.

marwari wedding ceremony

12. Toran

Once the wedding procession riches the wedding venue the groom sitting on the wear has to cut the floral and leafy arch with his sword hanging up in the air. After cutting this floral arch the groom is allowed to enter inside where the bride’s mother welcomes him by doing an aarti.

rituals of rajasthani wedding

13. Jaimala

In this Marwari wedding ritual, the bride and groom exchanges garlands with each other. the friends and relatives of both the couples tried to lift them up in the air to add a fun element to this traditional ritual.

rajasthani wedding traditions

14. Kanyadaan

After the Jaimala ceremony is performed the Kanyadaan rituals begin, where the father of the bride gives away his daughter’s hand to the groom. The father of the bride asks the groom to make a promise to take his daughter’s responsibility forever.

indian wedding rituals

15. Panigrahan

In a marwari wedding ceremony Pani Grahan is another important ritual. In this beautiful ritual, the groom takes the bride's hand in his hand and promises to take her responsibility for her whole life.

vibrant wedding rituals

16. Phere

Followed by the Panigrahan wedding ritual the saat phere takes place. In this ritual both the couple take 7 rounds of the holy fire while the priest chants the Vedic mantra to solemnize their marriage.

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17. Vamang Sthapana

In this ritual, the brother of the bride gives her a handful of puffed rice. After which both the bride and groom offer the puffed rice into the holy fire three times.

royal marwari wedding

18. Sindoor Daan

The most beautiful and important wedding traditions and custom of an Indian marriage include sindoor daan. Just like every other Indian wedding here also the groom applies the vermilion on the mid parting of the bride’s hair. During this ritual, the mother-in-law of the bride gives her a nose ring which she is supposed to wear after the wedding.

indian wedding customs

19. Saajan Goth

Saajan goth is delectable marwari wedding functions where the bride’s family arranges an elaborate feast for the groom’s family which contains delicious Rajasthani cuisine.

marwari wedding traditions

20. Vidaai

In the vidaai ritual, the bride says goodbye with teary eyes to her parental home. A coconut is broken beside the vehicle after which they depart for the groom’s home.

marwari wedding

21. Griha Pravesh

As soon as the couple arrives at the doorstep they are welcomed by the females of the house with an aarti. The bride needs to drop a copper jar filled with rice and then step inside her husband’s house.

rituals of indian wedding

22. Muh Dikhai

In this wedding ritual and the old lady of the house removes the bride’s veil from her face. Then she is introduced to all the females of the house and neighbors to seek their blessings.

wedding traditions

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